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New York Deli Spice Rub Pouch

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$9.95 AUD

 Have you ever been to a New York deli? 

No? Try this.
Yes? Try this also.

This spice rub is perfect for those homemade pastramis, big New York steaks or rubbed all over a side of brisket. Got a smoker at home? Coat your brisket, rub and smoke. Then all you need is a bagel and you're set. Forget about it! 

This spice rub is a perfect mix of peppery goodness with a blend of mustard seeds. A perfect balance of spicy and sweet brought together with a pop of coriander seed. Forget about it...


Coriander Seeds, Brown Sugar, Coriander Powder, Paprika, Mustard Seeds, Black Pepper, Pink Pepper, Mustard Powder, Salt

Gluten Free - Vegan - Low FODMAP