Alabama Roast Chicken

Alabama Roast Chicken

The simple yet for some reason can’t go past dinner of the roast chook. There is just something about it. We are sure by now you don’t need a recipe to follow for a roast chicken but here is one anyway, because why not!  

Can you guess what you will need? 

  • 1 Whole chicken 
  • 3 TBS Alabama  
  • Sides of your choice – here is some inspo 
    • Cauliflower and cheese 
    • Mac n Cheese 
    • Green Beans 
    • Coleslaw 
    • Majestic Roast Potato 
    • Sweet Potato Mash 
    • Collard Greens 
    • Corn Bread 
    • Hush Puppies 
    • Fried Okra 

    This right here is a simple one, but totally worth the cook! 

    • Start by preheating your over to 220c, Place your chicken into a roasting tray and drizzle with olive oil 
    • Generously coat the chicken with Alabama and massage it into the bird, get it into every nook and cranny until it’s perfectly coated 
    • Sprinkle an extra bit of salt and pepper if you are into that (we are) 
    • Place into the over for about 10 minutes, then turn the oven down to 180c and continue to cook for a further hour. (Depending on the size of your chicken) 
    • If you have a probe, make sure that you cook your chicken until the internal temperature reaches 75c. 
    • Make sure to let the chicken rest for 10 minutes before serving. Rest is always important. 

    And there is nothing more to say. Just because something is easy to do, that does not mean that the flavour isn’t going to blow you away! Get roasting people! 

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