Taco seasoning low fodmap

It's Taco Time

Taco Low Fodmap

A staple of every home. It's late and you cant be bothered cooking. What do we always turn to? Tacos!

Even chefs love nothing more than sitting down and smashing a plate of what we call 'cheat tacos'.

All you need is beef mince, a taco pack, some green stuff and you're good to go. Well we are going to help you take quick taco night to... Still quick but make it oh so much tastier!

As always, a piece of advise, recipes are more guidelines. Just keep that in mind and have fun.

  • Start the usual way, using about 500g of beef mince should be enough for a few. Heat a pan on high with a splash of oil. Start to brown off your mince, making sure to break it all up. Sprinkle over a few big spoonfuls of the Magic Mex Seasoning and let that cook in with the meat.
  • Add a tiny splash of water just to give it a little more juiciness. Once all your meat is cooked off and its looking as beautiful as can be, simply grab all your favourite toppings and you're good to go.
  • Quick tip for you. Pick up an avocado. Using a fork, smash it up good and proper. Sprinkle in a little of the taco seasoning and wham! You have instant Guacamole!

In all seriousness, We know that you know how to make cheat tacos right? We just guarantee that Magic Mex is going to make it...Well magic.

Soon we will show you how to lift your taco game with a more authentic Pulled Beef that will seriously make you look like you know what your doing. :D

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