New York Brisket, Forget About It!

New York Brisket, Forget About It!

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Beef Brisket...

Honestly, what an incredible cut of beef. Whether you are making homemade pastrami, slow roasting or smoking to perfection it truly is one of the best.

Today we have gone for a slow roast. It is just falling apart, but holding together just enough to get some amazing slices!

There isn't a whole lot to this recipe, but as always these are guidelines, play around with it and most importantly have fun!

  • First up you're going to need to get yourself some of our New York Deli Spice Rub, a decent side of brisket, and that's pretty much all you need.
  • First things first, if you have a pan that's big enough, you will want to sear the brisket. If you're working with a bigger cut maybe use the BBQ. Either way give the brisket about 5 or so minutes on each side to get a little bit of colour
  • Next up grab your bag of New York Deli Spice Rub and generously coat both sides. Place it into your roasting tray making sure you keep the fat side up!. 
  • Cover with foil and place into a preheated oven at 165c for about 3 hours. The timing will depend on your oven and how big your cut of meat is. So here, Google will be your friend!
  • Once the brisket is just to the point of falling apart, remove the foil and crank that oven up! We usually turn ours up to about 210c.
  • It's time to give the top of the brisket a little extra sprinkle of the Spice Rub and throw it back into oven. Now you need to watch it closely. Pull up a chair... sit...and watch! Roughly 10 minutes should do the trick, but you never know! It is definitely not worth the risk! Basically you want to see all that extra rub caramelize and get some great colour!
  • Once your happy, take the brisket out. Now most importantly, let the Brisket rest!! It's tired, it needs a break to relax and calm down. Maybe make it a cup of green tea to help calm it faster. But just trust us when we say letting your meat rest is vital! We're are sure MasterChef has taught you that right!?

What you do from here is entirely up to you. Slice as thick or thin as you want. Perhaps make brisket rolls, serve it with a side of mac & cheese, coleslaw and some grilled corn? It honestly won't matter where you take it from here. as long as it's been cooked, rested and covered in our New York Deli Spice Rub. That's all that matters. 

"Forget About It" - Every New York person ever.

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