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Alabama Smokehouse Tips and Tricks

Alabama... Just makes you think of BBQ, doesn’t it? 

Our Alabama smokehouse spice rub is basically BBQ in a bag. Light, Tangy with a subtle Applewood smoke. There isn’t anything this rub won't turn into a BBQ masterpiece.

When people talk about Alabama BBQ, they are normally talking about taking cheaper cuts and cooking low and slow. Ribs and shoulders are always on the table. 

This rub lends itself to the lighter meats such as chicken or pork.

Some of the best ways to get the most out of our Alabama Smokehouse Spice Rub are: 

  • Slow roasted Ribs 
  • Chicken wings/ ribs 
  • Pork shoulder slow cooked and pulled 
  • Whole roast chicken 
  • Sprinkled on basically anything as a seasoning  
  • White BBQ sauce seasoning 
  • Rubbed on corn and grilled 
  • Pretty much anything on the grill 
  • Slow roasted lamb ribs 
  • Season your greens 
  • Sprinkle onto chips or wedges 

The possibilities really are endless with this spice rub and once you start it will be hard to stop. Good southern BBQ food is a hard thing to master, and not many people do. But having fun while cooking with love and soul will make a world of difference. A difference that you can taste with this rub. Truly made with love.  

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