Caribbean Jerk... Who you calling a Jerk?

Caribbean Jerk... Who you calling a Jerk?

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he wanted to be a Jerk! And now making the classic Jamaican dish is easier than ever!  

Jerk chicken is a staple food of Jamaica and its surroundings. Recipes have been handed down for generations but include strong notes of allspice and clove with a hit of chilli. This dry rub has one of the most distinct flavours and a heat to match! Not always but most typically Jerk refers to a cut of meat dry rubbed and cooked low and slow over coals.  

But don’t worry, we think that our rub works just as well in the oven, the pan or the grill.

A few ways to get the most out of our Caribbean Jerk spice rub are: 

  • Dry rub on any cut of chicken  
  • Jerk chicken wings 
  • Roast pork 
  • Jerked turkey 
  • Used as a dry rub for smoking 
  • Jerk potato salad 
  • Caribbean rice 
  • Add to a mayo for a spicy Jamaican dipping sauce 
  • Pulled Jamaican pork 
  • Jamaican salsa 
  • Any cut of meat you can grill

As you can probably tell this spice rub leans more towards lighter cuts of meat. The strong flavours pair especially well with chicken, pork and even turkey for something different. 

That of course is not to say you can’t use this punchy rub with cuts of red meat. With our Caribbean Jerk rub literally anything can become a Jerk! 

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