Shawarma-Rama Time? How do I do this?

Shawarma-Rama Time? How do I do this?

This is one of our more complex seasonings. With a delicate blend of exotic spices all working together to create something special. 

'What the hell do i do with this?' You might be asking yourself. Well don't worry we are here to help!

A few of the ways we like to use our Shawarma-Rama Spice Rub are:

  • Slow roasting Beef/ Lamb
  • Rub over a chicken and roast
  • Add oil and marinate Chicken, Pork, Beef or lamb for the BBQ
  • Use it to season Roasted Vegetables
  • Make it the base flavour of a soup
  • Use it for meat on the spit
This aromatic blend of bold Lebanese flavours will seriously elevate the flavour of whatever your creating. But we highly recommend using this rub with red meats as it has a stronger flavour and they work well together.
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